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Multimedia production covers the gamut of audio/visual needs. Our products include everything from Interactive CD-Roms, Powerpoint, Script Writing, and 3D Modeling, to Web Effects, Web Browser Toolbars, Flash Presentations, and beyond. Please feel free to browse our examples below to see just how DeNuzzio Studios will work for you.


Interactive CD-Roms
CD-Rom presentations are the most economical method of producing intereactive material. New technology allows us to use anything from Powerpoint presentations to Flash documents as the CD-Rom presentation. We can design the presentation and set it up so that all the end user has to do is put the CD-Rom in, and it starts the presentation automatically. If you already have a presentation prepared, we can quickly put it on a CD-Rom for you. It's that simple!
Not sure where to begin when it comes to writing a script? Let DeNuzzio Studios take care of it for you. We will take the time to research and explore every option with you to make sure your product sells itself. We will learn to use your product just as an employee would, and implement the knowledge into the script.
  3D Graphics/Animation  
Looking for state of the art animations for web or video presentations? DeNuzzio Studios has the knowledge and creativity to model something that already exists or from scratch. If you have an idea for a character or for a device, and you want to see it realized, DeNuzzio Studios has the talent and the staff to do so. We use 3DMax, Lightwave, and Cinema 4D along with various plugins to enhance any 3D item. Please visit out portfolio section below for more information. From print to video to web, DeNuzzio Studios has the 3D solution for you.
Please View Our Portfolio
Our videos are encoded using Windows Media Player
Download the player here:

Download The Windows Media Player
Our audio production is encoded using the Windows Media Player, which may be downloaded above.


New 3D Animations/Graphics

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