Video Production

Video Production Services
Our Video Production department is staffed with the finest engineers in the area. They are experienced in corporate production, training, sales, and advertising videos for companies large and small. From complete television campaigns to training videos, DeNuzzio Studios has the perfect product at the right price.

Our services include any and all of the following:

    • On-site Full Production (Video, Audio and Lights)
    • In-house Full Production (Video, Audio and Lights)
    • Voice-over Talent Recruiting and Recording
    • Script Production/Editing
    • Pre-recorded Media Editing
    • Media Enhancement
    • Production to Enhanced CD, VCD, SVCD, DVD, or VHS
    • Interactive Production to CD, SVCD, and DVD
    • Production to NTSC or PAL
    • Custom Tiling and Transforming

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Our Video Production department uses the latest programs and technology to make your product look and sound the best. Our software list includes:

    • Avid Express DV
    • Vegas 4.0
    • Adobe Premiere 7.0
    • Adobe After Effects 6.0
    • Quicktime Producer
    • ProTools 6.1
    • Adobe Audition
    • Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 7.0
    • Sonic MyDVD Professional
    • DVD Architect 1.0
    • Adobe Encore

In addition to the above list, we use a host of other programs to enhance the media to ensure optimal quality.


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