Streaming Services

Audio/Visual Streaming
Streaming on the web is no longer a difficult task. We have the technology to stream from any server with specialized codecs that are already built-in to the Microsoft Windows environment. Any multimedia can be fed via streaming at several bandwidths to ensure that any customer, no matter what their connection is, can view the video in real time. Encode a training video, a Powerpoint presentation, or a recording of a message from the president of your company, and have it integrated and played back via a webserver. Instead of spending thousands having hundreds of copies of a short video made, let us encode it and stream it for all to view. Then, all it takes is a simple email with a link to the streamed video, and there it is - simple as that. We can encode full length videos in as little as 24 hours!

Media Types
We provide encoding to all of the major streaming media methods. The media can be hosted on various servers, and in some cases, can even be hosted from your own server. The various media include

      • Windows Media Video
      • Windows Media Audio
      • RealMedia® Video
      • RealMedia® Audio
      • Quicktime Movie

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